About Smart Air Solutions

Smart Air Solutions is a family owned business operating in the Wellington region. We don’t want to rule the world, we are a niche business providing a bespoke solution for our customers.


Smart Air Solutions Team

Disillusioned after working for a big corporate, Pascal launched Smart Air Solutions in 2008 and has never looked back. It was a leap of faith, going from the corporate manager in a suit, to a man in a van, but Smart Air has grown year on year – whilst retaining the personal touch. If you’re after a quote, it will be Pascal that responds to your enquiry, and comes to your home.


Steve P and Suzy cover the paperwork end of the business, and keep everything running smoothly.

Pascal and his team of loyal staff at Smart Air Solutions have huge collective experience both nationally and internationally in the heatpump and air conditioning industry. As an independent heatpump and air conditioning supplier we have the ability to design and offer a solution that will be tailored for your needs.


At every step of the process you will deal with industry qualified people who are top of their game, competent and dedicated to you the client.


We frequently receive glowing feedback from satisfied customers about our loyal team.