Residential Heat Pumps & Air Conditioning

Plimmerton - Flexible Heating Solution for Family Home

This couple wanted to be able to heat and cool their open plan entertainment space.  A large air conditioning unit hidden in the bulkhead over the kitchen meant the high ceiling didn’t have to be compromised. The look was achieved by a sleek 10 m long grille.


They also required a cooling solution for their north facing bedrooms, which reach nearly 40 degrees in the summer. We installed a ducted multi unit, with ceiling vents and individual controllers. This allows each room to be set with individual preferences and timers, so they can heat or cool as required.



Raumati - High-spec Executive Home

This client wanted her house to be comfortable year round without having multiple hi wall units. We installed a ducted heating system for her with subtle ceiling vents in selected rooms. The property is coastal, but the outdoor unit is protected by an anti-corrosion spray to extend its life.



Paraparaumu - Small Energy Efficient Heat Pump

This homeowner wanted a heatpump that would heat her living and kitchen area. The size and placement of the hi wall unit gives her the ability to heat only the living area or let the residual heat travel down the hallway to the rest of the house.


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